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Proposal – Big Data

Big Data: A medium for Creative Industry to create a better User Experience.


Research background and questions:

In today’s Digital Age, most of the human’s behaviors had been tracked and stored as data when they interact with digital technologies like phone applications, purchase transaction record, websites and social media activates. According to the IBM (2015), 2.5 quintillion bytes of data had been created in the last two years alone. These complex data is rapidly increasing every second and has become hard to be organize with traditional method which then defined as “Big Data”.

These data has been widely used by companies to analyse their audience and this can be seen from Netflix. Russell Glass and Sean Callahan (2014) mentioned in their book that Netflix had funded 100 million dollar into one of their show and the source of this confidence is from Big Data that gives Netflix a deep insight into its audience viewing habits.

This paper will introduce the usage and benefits of Big Data in creative industries with the support of case studies and points by experts. By studying Big Data, this paper attempts to create an easier way for designers to use Big Data to create a better user experience.

Research Questions

  • What kind of Big Data relevant to the creative industries?
  • How can these data be used to create a better user experience?

Research Scope and concept:

Big Data has been providing benefits to all kind of industries which means this topic will provide a wide range of information. So, the focus area of the study will scope down to creative industries and user experience (UX). The reason is that, big data provide information that related to human behavior which then help designers to understand their audience and create a better user experience that fulfilled their ‘likes’. The other reason being that UX design is the most important way to attract audience to increase the company’s profit which means this will be helpful in increasing marketing skill.

There is the possibility that the research may cover data visualization that help designers understand big data. Concepts that may be useful in answering the questions are data mining, cloud computing and the four V’s of Big Data. These concepts were coined by and examine the ways of data been collected and used.

Research Outcome and Relevance

The outcome to the first question can create a clear understanding on what type of Big Data are there that are relevant to the creative industries. The outcome to the second question may lead to a better understanding on how creative industry can combine creativity with data to create a better user experience for their audience.

Such knowledge is relevant to digital creatives in a digital era which includes Interactive Multimedia professionals because it can help track and analyse the audience’s behavior to scope down the target audience which is what designers are always struggling with.

Research Feasibility and Ethical Concerns

The proposed research is moderate. The topic of Big Data has been briefly introduced in Content and Management class during the first semester of level 5 to understand how contents were collected and managed before proceed to create a website with dynamic contents. Few of the references with important points were also found by the author to help create a better understanding in big data to support this paper.

Big Data itself will be a challenge for the author because a lot of unfamiliar computer science terms were used in academic and professional sources. Thus, more studies have to be done to have a better understanding on it, but terms used in Big Data that are not related to the essay topic will be avoid.

There are no ethical concerns for this proposed research as it is in the form of a degree research essay that uses mainly secondary sources.

Reference List

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14. Conclusion

Lastly, I would like to conclude all my researches and ideas.

Technologies keep on developing and bring a lot of convenience for the humans, most of us for sure own at least one technology device such as laptop, computer, smart phone , camera and so on. These has been widely use by the us.

Functions and software inside those devices able to let us achieve our goal easily.
Cameras combine with Photoshop, Instagram and many more other software and apps, can make everyone a photographer because the process to produce an image with different kind of effects is so much easier compare to the past.

These technologies and software also act as an important tools and mediums for the Photographer to improve their photos, promote themselves ,communicate with other photographers or even followers and make a living from it.
These had become a ‘must’ in the career.

Not only that, Photoshop also plays an important role for photographers in advertising field. Photoshop able them to enhance their photos or even correct their mistakes. What most useful with this software is that it lets them achieve the result that can’t be achieve in reality – photo manipulation. Still, these technologies and software are just a tool, patience, creativity and skills still plays a huge role on creating an artwork.

13. Realistic vs Illustration

In this post, I will talk about the similar functions between the photoshopped advertisement that I’ve collected and how it is different from illustrated version.

Photoshop base is more into realistic style.
Those are few of the photoshopped advertisements that attract me.I’m more into these advertisement that show awareness than fashion advertisement, it is quite straight forward in visual aspect but do let me think twice about the issue. I already shown some in my previous posts but here are some others that I personally like it.
17-aging-anti-smoking-ad (1)1-stop-smoking-ad-by-ayalmeir  maxam 4-quit-smoking-ads-posters4d9ea6f5e28191c7ef5be1577d27f837lifebuoydog
Semiotics Terminology can be seen in the photos above.
All of the photos above are going for surreal style because to show awareness, is better to relate the image objects with the reality but in a twisted way so that it can let the audience understand easily on what that certain object represent and think twice of what that certain object mean when it being place in this way or combine with other elements.

One of the example from the first photo, we know that ‘secondhand smoke’  means non-smoker who breath in toxic-chemical from cigarette. The photo show that the kid’s ‘second hand’ holding a cigarette, which telling the audience that kids literally still smoke if you smoke because they are inhaling the toxic chemical that released by your cigarette.

The third photo is quite interesting too, indexical sign can be seen in here, it send the message to the audience in a tricky but interesting way. It shows the detail of a place and people inside the tooth, at first I was distracted by the beauty of it’s visual and did not think about the message it want the audience to receive but the words on the bottom right bring me back to track. It says “Don’t let them stay” and the word stay in here means decayed (the sound of ‘stay’ and decayed’ in Chinese are similar) which is telling the audience to avoid tooth decay. In here, a small sentence also plays a big role in sending the message (ads by a toothpaste company).

Same goes to the last photo of that pug that looks like bread, it wrote “You eat what you touch” which means that if you eat after you touch a certain thing without washing your hand properly, you are literally eating that thing (ads by a soap company).

As you can see, each of them contain an object’s image that act as signifier (any material thing that signifies – words,images or expression) which also signified the audience with their concepts (awareness of…) so I really like this kind of advertisement , it shows a creative way to tell the audience , it’s fun and interesting to see and think.

So,what about graphical illustrated advertisement?
When I browse through Google for awareness ads in graphical illustrate base , the results were all still in Photoshop base , illustrate ads can be seen mostly in products advertising because the style is more into colorful and abstract style which is not suitable to show serious awareness.
Based on some research by Mike Vito and Louis Perrotta, bright colors and creative shapes are most likely to gain more attention since people tend to see visual first (Mike,V and Louis,P ,2006).

1232441253513395 1244091253296169  lake_0

I find the third image quite interesting, the style is like what we can see in children’s book since it is about an ad about safe guarding children from websites to prevent ‘things’ in internet to ruin them (notice on the left, there’s a soldier going to shoot a guy). For me, this image kind of a combination of photoshop and illustration , everything is colorful and imaginary graphics and then there’s a realistic humans which stands out from the image.


This is still consider as fantasy to me since it is based on a Marvel comic. Compare to other breast cancer ads, I prefer this idea, the graphic is simple but it does convey a message clearly in an interesting way- “even super woman can get breast cancer”. The downside is, people who doesn’t know about this comic, wouldn’t understand it.

After observing all the photos above, I feel like normally this kind of illustration ads hardly convey a message clearly compare to Photoshop.
As for Photoshop base, the visual is hard to gain any attention if put as poster aside with illustration base but it is more ‘clean’ and realistic for the audience to understand the concept/message.

For “realistic” visuals, people can “relate” to realistic depictions better than to abstract ones, which is in turn probably a function of their imagery value regardless of their specific content. (John R.R , 1982)

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