14. Conclusion

Lastly, I would like to conclude all my researches and ideas.

Technologies keep on developing and bring a lot of convenience for the humans, most of us for sure own at least one technology device such as laptop, computer, smart phone , camera and so on. These has been widely use by the us.

Functions and software inside those devices able to let us achieve our goal easily.
Cameras combine with Photoshop, Instagram and many more other software and apps, can make everyone a photographer because the process to produce an image with different kind of effects is so much easier compare to the past.

These technologies and software also act as an important tools and mediums for the Photographer to improve their photos, promote themselves ,communicate with other photographers or even followers and make a living from it.
These had become a ‘must’ in the career.

Not only that, Photoshop also plays an important role for photographers in advertising field. Photoshop able them to enhance their photos or even correct their mistakes. What most useful with this software is that it lets them achieve the result that can’t be achieve in reality – photo manipulation. Still, these technologies and software are just a tool, patience, creativity and skills still plays a huge role on creating an artwork.


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