11. Photoshop ads give a deep emotion

Previous post show that Photoshop used  to edit the lighting and beautify the models into more ‘ideal’ looks, to manipulate the reality. In here, Photoshop not only use to create/edits ‘ordinary’ objects for advertising.
With the Photoshop, why limit one to only ordinary ideas that we can see in reality? why not unleash our imagination and create scenes that we can only see in dreams  ?
In here, I will be talking about how and why Photoshop use to fantasize ads.

Example can be seen from a famous animal and environment awareness ads- World Wild Life (WWF);

116272_1333972766_large35aa494b884b72a64faf84936e230a3eenhanced-buzz-wide-12722-1375030600-7WWF-1855fadacd57273bba88643fc078ec85b7   WWF-49  plastic-01_aotw

Without Photoshop help, how do they achieve this realistic fantasy style? Harm a real animals in order to achieve this? Then what’s the point of showing animals awareness?


Photoshop plays an important part for my course too. Above is one of my photo montage from my previous Pixel,Image and Sound’s project, without the software, how can I easily achieve this result?

Let’s compare one of them,
b13fe03e7cc3926004c6e95afda4b593 6f39030cfa63ecfc2c0968ba037d0eca
Which one ‘hits your heart’ more? The exists mounted deer head or the manipulated image of a baby?
To me, the left one makes me feel that , “Oh,it’s just another mounted deer head for decoration” , because this object had become ‘normal’ for us and wouldn’t think further.
While the right one turned the situation and makes me think deeply, “What if the deer that got hunted and mounted was my baby?”.

All of the images above are fake, of course, no animals nor humans were harmed to make these photos.
The main reason to create all these is to give a strong warning and feelings to the people, to make them think why the editors compose these objects in the images, to make them aware of the situation that is happening in reality and it achieved these goals.


Thomas,M.(2012).WWF Bluefin Tuna-Panda .CS Society. Available at:  http://www.creativeguerrillamarketing.com/guerrilla-marketing/the-32-most-creative-wwf-ads/ [Accessed on 19 June 2015]

Ryan,L.(2010).The 32 Most Creative WWF Ads .Creative Guerrilla Marketing. Available at: http://pancho.cgsociety.org/art/cgi-lightwave-3d-tuna-fish-modo-wwf-photoshop-photography-xsi-thomas-mangold-bluefin-gorilla-1045222 [Accessed on 19 June 2015]


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