10. Reality?

People blame Photoshop for manipulating the ‘truth’ in photography, but is it really the software fault?
No, is not. What we should blame is the ‘ethic’ within the editor.

Even without editing, do you think you are seeing  ‘reality’ in a photo?
No. Every smart phone, compact camera and DSLR have ‘settings’ , even is in ‘default’ setting, it already changed some of the resolution,noise, lighting and shadow, it manipulate the ‘reality’ itself.
Just like the magazine cover I talk about it in my previous post, the crews need to style the objects/models and adjust the lighting before taking a photo, is that even consider ‘reality’? The lighting and looks were all ‘edited’ before in reality.

Some might say they want to take or see a photo of the truth they see in reality.
Unfortunately, even your eyes don’t see reality.
Recently, there was a dress photo being spread around in the internet and everyone was making a fuss about it.
This even got reported on news.

Some see the dress color as blue + black while others see it golden + white.


It was just the lighting that played with out brain and sight. Over exposed = Golden+White, Under exposed = Blue+black. Illustration below is the explanation for it.

This can even related to media news, can you trust the news reported even they provided photos and videos as evidence?
Can a photo even tell the whole story?

….photography is a form of art, and art’s purpose is definitely not to show “reality” as it “really” is. (Solic,M. 2015)

I agree to what he said. To me, art is to spread message/meaning , to make people think, to appreciate what they see and feel, and also to show them what they ‘really’ want to see. Everyone have different point of views, so one photo can be seen differently by everyone.

Other than that,many thinks that Photoshop is the first tool to edit the photos but in the past, there were actually a lot of photos being edit and manipulate.

Around 1860, in this portrait, U.S. President Abraham Lincoln is a composite of Lincoln’s head and the Southern politician John Calhoun’s body.

This photo used a cut and paste technique to brings a family together and form into a family photo , they all weren’t together in reality during the photo session , it’s basically just cut out the 3 people form the left and paste on top/overlap the woman on the right.


Solic,M.(2015) Why Complaining About Photos Being Photoshopped Makes No Sense (To Me).Peta Pixel.Available at: http://petapixel.com/2015/03/10/why-complaining-about-photos-being-photoshopped-makes-no-sense-to-me/ [Accessed on : 18 June 2015]

CBS News(2015)Is this dress blue and black or white and gold?.CBS News.Available at: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/blue-black-white-gold-dress-color-debate-goes-viral/ [Accessed on : 18 June 2015]


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