9. Photoshop behind advertising

In my previous posts, I mentioned that Instagram act as a medium but also a small tool to edit basic color and lighting in photos. To go more advance in photo editing, Photoshop is one of the most use software since it provides more tools compare to other software.

During in class exercise and assignments for my major, whenever we need to edit photos, we straight away open Photoshop and never though about using other software. We need it to enhance our photos , manipulate it or even create an digital art using this software.

Photoshop also acts an important tool for photographers especially for advertisement.
From what I observe , most of the photos/videos for advertisement had been altered before.
Ever wonder why our McDonald burger doesn’t looks the same in their advertisement? McDonald Canada made a video to show behind the scene for the photo.

After a long process of styling and photo shooting, they retouch using Photoshop in the end.
See how long and how many people needed to make a burger looks good in an image?

The moment I search “Popular Photoshop advertisement” and “Photoshop ads”, the results are mostly related to fashion magazine, this shows how this software widely used in fashion advertisement.
The same process as the McDonald can be seen for magazines photos.

Everyone can be a super model using Photoshop.

Why go through so much problem and use Photoshop to make a ‘fake looks’ for advertising?
Lets take a look in the picture below ,
Photoshop-ed vs Original, which one you prefer to see in your magazine cover?
I prefer photoshop-ed.
I do agree that everyone is beautiful in their own way but not everyone can accept this. It is harsh, but this is reality. Advertising is to promote to everyone in a convincing and perfect way to gain attention in order to benefit their company/brand.

Carolyn Kitch, journalism professor also explains that magazines were…

“dealing in ideals rather than reality,” (Amanda,F., n.d.)

I also found out that there’s a lot of people dislike photoshop-ed advertisement , there’s even some want to ban photoshop ads. It is true that some companies overused photoshop (edit into tiny waist, giant eyes , overly long legs) but if it just for colors, lighting, some small and detail retouch , why not?

Without Photoshop, it can brings huge impact for the photographers. Without the software, how can they have a better lighting photos? how can they force or find a model with a body shape that want? how can they have a background they want? travel all the way to that certain location just for few photos?
Just for one magazine cover and it costs more of their time, finance and efforts.

Do you prefer a truthful photo or a pretty photoshop-ed photo?


Amanda,F.(n.d.)In Defense of Photoshop: Why Retouching Isn’t As Evil As Everyone Thinks.The Cut.Available at: http://nymag.com/thecut/2010/08/photoshop_retouching.html [Accessed on 13 June 2015]

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