7. Instagram act as an important medium

Marshall McLuhan mentioned in one of his book-‘Understanding media’ that  “The medium is the message” (Mark,F , 2004). In my classmate previous assignment blog, her topics related to McLuhan and she defined that sentences as

“The message is not the content of the app, the medium is the message, it means how the medium(media) has changed our lives instead of the content in it”.

I also found a post from my seniors about instagram act as a new medium.The article in it is similar to what my classmate mentioned,

The medium of Instagram (and to a larger extent the cameraphone) indelibly changed how people think about photography. The message is that communication won over art. Everyone is a photographer.

Below are some of the examples that can be seen from Reuters- a news agency instagram.


As you can see in the comment section on how these people react to it – they like it. Well, of course since pink sheep is cute but people do not realize that most dyes contain chemicals that can be harmful to these animals.

Another original photo from Reuters that received a lot of likes. The effects from the light and shadow brings a strong feeling for the viewers and makes the photo look nice but Reuters wondered : “Who would want to “like” a picture of malnourished children?” (Rusell,B. ,2014).

From what I’ve observed, instagramers browse photos , give likes and comments but do they even concerned about the contents within the photos before they make these actions? No, the looks and feels are what they concern more, who would even bordered looking at a bad photos using weak photography skills?

But still, Instagram acts an important medium for the photographers. I agree with my senior whom mentioned  in her blog about how instagram has become a space for photographers to share and communicate with others. This is a huge advantage especially for freelance photographers and even for people who just started to step into photography’s field. They can earn some popularity using this medium and also gain some inspiration with it by browsing others’ photos.

So what do you think? Do you want more followers and likes? or Do you prefer to have followers who understand and ‘sees’ the content within your photos before they comment/like?


Rusell,B.(2014)Instagram – a platform for professionals?.Reuters.Available at: http://blogs.reuters.com/photographers-blog/2014/05/01/instagram-a-platform-for-professionals/ [Accessed on 9 June 2015]

Mark,F.(2004) What is the Meaning of The Medium is the Message?.Available at:  http://individual.utoronto.ca/markfederman/article_mediumisthemessage.htm [Accessed on 9 June 2015]


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