6. Instagram and filters

Nowadays, there’s a lot of photography apps provided for the users.
One of the famous app is Instagram , users can use their phone camera or app camera to capture photos and upload to instagram.

Instagram is an app for the user to upload photos and also to browse other people’s photos. Work like other social media website and apps, it allow the users to comment and like the photos.

Like I mentioned in my previous few posts, users can retake a lot of time and post the nicer one. Even if all of them looks “unprofessional” , users still able to edit lighting ,size and filters using the app before they upload and share to other social medias.

Filters first come from analog. There are various type of filters,such as lomo, vintage , black and white and so on, consider an old traditional technique that used in the photography field but it is still love by people and even turn this traditional technique digitally. People love it because it look nice or even professional and they can apply it on their photo with just one click. Users can easily skipped through the long process using old technique to produce an image or even skip through the process using digital technique with professional software (exp: Photoshop).

Well, there’s actually a scientific researches and explanation about how filters. According to Yahoo Lab and Georgia Tech, they did an interview with few of the people people and analyzed 7.6 millions photos from Flickr and Instagram. They found out that there’s 12 out of 15 users filtered their photos (Yahoo Labs & Geogia Tech,n.d.) . One of the main motivation for the serious photographer is to enhance ,correct and improve the aesthetic for the photos because mobile phones do not give a lot of options.

They even did some research on how filters affect you photo’s popularity. This can be related to psychological studies of color, warmer colors give a cheerful feelings but too much saturation while brings down the engagement (Yahoo Labs & Geogia Tech,n.d.) .

This studies shows that filters can act an important tools for the photographers to promote themselves. Everyone have different taste but using the right way to edit can gain more viewers and increase the popularity.
There might be some people who still prefer original photos more than filtered photos because original photos can show the photographer’s professional skills but if filtered photos can easily help boost your popularity in the business world with just edits, why not? In my opinion, editing is consider a professional skill too because one need a fundamental knowledge and “taste” in photography to edit it nicer.


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