5. Phone Camera

According to IDC report, smartphone sale had been increasing rapidly (IDC, 2014) while the CIPA report shows that cameras’ sale are dropping in the same time (CIPA, 2014).
Convenience is the main reason for this since most of us always bring around a phone with camera function and we can just take photos any time we want.

There are also of phone made specially for photography or should we call it in a new term- mobilegraphy.

In the old days, we loaded our cameras with film, took the shots, processed and printed the film. Suddenly, digital processors replaced film. Now we load our digital cameras with memory cards, take no heed of film expiration dates, forget the number of exposures on a roll, and have no need to worry about how many rolls we brought along with us on a certain day (McMulin,2012).

With the technologies today,everyone can be a photographer.
Unlike old days where photographer have to be careful and confident so that they can captured perfect photo with just one shot while in the present, everyone can take a good photos, all of their digital camera and phone camera  able to take multiple shots and they just need to choose one that is nicer from all of the shots.

There’s even an mobilegraphy contest specially for iphone users – http://www.ippawards.com/

Not only that, there are a lot of photography apps can be downloaded to beautify the photos or make the images more “professional” looks.


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