3. Technology Era

6. Critically examine the popular usage of digital cameras, Photoshop, or Instagram, and its impact on professionals in the creative industry.

I’ve decided to choose this question as my topic for this assignment because I’m interest in how these affect the professionals in the creative industry.Doing a deeply research in this topic to understand how and why it works can increase my knowledge and skills in this field. This will help me a lot in my studies especially as an interactive multimedia student, I need to know and learn alot of stuffs that covered in design fields.

Not only that, these technologies are very popular nowadays especially for this generation that surrounded by technologies everyday, and I can be an example for this generation. Because of this and from what I observed, I have more experience with it and have some base ideas for this topic.

After brainstorming and did some quick research again, few questions pop up in my mind;

  • How digital cameras affect the creative industry compare to other type of cameras?
  • Without photoshop, does creative industry able to produce better artwork? (better photo for magazine’s front cover etc…)
  • Nowadays designers promotes themselves through websites and social medias, does instagram help to promote and provide inspiration to them?
  • Do professional prefer to use instagram to capture photos?

Based on what I learned from my lecture about photography, there also few more points that can be add in to discuss further;

  • The histories and development of the camera (can related to Renaissance )
  • Is photography consider art?
  • Is Photoshop-ed photo valuable?
  • Does high resolution photography consider good?
  • Issues that photography brings to other art style (fine art etc..)
  • Values of a photograph

Creative industries which also known as cultural industries and creative economy that are related to art and designs.

DCMS categorized into 9 different category that related to creative industries ;

  • Advertising and marketing
  • Architecture
  • Crafts
  • Design: product, graphic and fashion design
  • film, TV, video, radio and photography
  • IT, software and computer services
  • Publishing
  • Museums, galleries and libraries
  • Music, performing and visual arts

Technologies keep on developing over time,It gives a huge impact to everyone, especially towards creative industries, we can see the changes from their traditional use that turn into digital use and forms. Even thought everything had been digitize but traditional skills is still needed.

In this project, I will be focusing more on advertising together with photography.
I will talk about the type of camera and instagram but will focus more on Photoshop, I also will related all three together so you will see a lot of post start with “As I mentioned previously…”.


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