2. Decision

After doing a quick research for all of the questions, I narrow down my choices into these three topics.

1. Compare the advertisement of a local brand in different language editions and demonstrate
how semiotics can reveal the differences and similarities between them.

Local brands’s advertisement in different language edition can be seen mostly everywhere in this country-Malaysia, a country with multiple races and languages. Because of this, I able to get a clearer vision of the examples around which give me a chance to explore and compare the semiotics of the brands.

Language is also very interesting, it has a long history and based on my lecture, it  have a deep relation with Egypt.

5. Trace the career of an icon in the industry related to your major. Analyse the significant
phases, work, and personal qualities that propelled this individual to his or her acclaimed
status. Did any institutions contribute to his success or failures as well?

In order to increase my knowledge for my course , I did some research and studies for the course which naturally will get to find a few experts from industry that related to my course because they able to give some tips and technique to increase your skills and knowledge in it. This give me a base to proceed for this question.

6. Critically examine the popular usage of digital cameras, Photoshop, or Instagram, and its impact on professionals in the creative industry.

Almost everyday that I’m using these device , software and app, sometime it is even important for my course. With these experiences, I will have less hard time on doing research while understand what I found. Not only that, since I’ve used before,I’m able to have more ideas how these things work and give some ideas or criticize about it.


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