10. Expectation

My very first experience in web design as my college project makes me realize and learned a lot on how web designers’ world works.

One huge mistake I made is that I was too concerned about originality and wanted to create something that had not seen in other websites, something unique and I ended up not following the basic layout. Even if I start to build my project earlier, and I thought I had it but I did not expect that it takes more time which still ended up a result that I’m not satisfied with.

Because of that,I realize something. Is website’s originality a big issue and concerned by people ? Not really, especially towards your clients and users. Why? Clients just want their website to be effective in achieving their goal while Users doesn’t concern about originality instead, they are more concern about what they can and expect to get when they browse into a website. They browse in there for a reason.

Is hard to create a website with pure originality .You are able to see that most websites have almost the same layout but just different in their aesthetic view. When you browse into a website, you expect to see title , clickable brand/company name or/and logo , few icons ,navigation menu, contents,images ,and so on in the position they should be and also few common content fonts that used in webpage. Pictures below are examples of branded shoes (skechers and nike) websites design .

FireShot Screen Capture #019 - 'Shoes, Sneakers, Sandals & Boots - SKECHERS Official Site' - www_skechers_com FireShot Screen Capture #020 - 'Nike_com (MY)' - www_nike_com_my_en_gb



A slight difference can be see this two sites’ layout but it is still similar. Like the featured picture will be bigger than others and arrange in the center of the page , navigation bar and logo are always on the top. Even background colour are simple in order to make the pictures more attractive.

If something out from their expectation, such as when user mouse over an icon and it changes color, they expect to be clickable and when it is not,it become not user-friendly. We can add those animation effects to make our website more unique but it have to serve a purpose, a reason to be there. That’s is why target audience is more important over here and also that’s when “reference” comes in again.

Designers should always be expanding their knowledge of design, history, popular culture, politics, music, art, social conditions; moreover, we have to try to understand what motivates our own human interaction. This cumulative knowledge and experience is what helps us build more insightful design. We aspire to be those who can command visual and verbal language in order to articulate a message in the most poignant fashion. – Eric Karjaluto, Creative Director at smashLAB

Lastly, to conclude my topic, originality ideas and skills are vanishing fast due to the technologies today, but don’t concerned too much about it because no one can’t escape from the power of internet ,reference and influenced from the daily life.What really matters are the content and design that can satisfied the audience.


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