9. Laziness is a skill

As a web designer, I found out that the most important skill is laziness, in a good way.

One of my lecture once mentioned that people prefer hiring “lazy” employee because they will find a faster and efficient way to finish their project without doing twice while professional tend to figure out using a hard way and keep trying to achieve better result. He even said that,we as programmers, doesn’t need to memorize every single code. Memorizing might make us look professional when typing without referencing but it consume a lot of time.

Nowadays, there’s a lot of open source codes and template been uploaded on internet for the designer. So why memorize when we can just copy and paste the code? The open source are not just for saving the lazy programmer’s time but also giving an opportunity for other programmers to take what it provided and built on it layer by layer into something new.

Other than that, there’s a lot of people think that technologies had replaced talents and skills but I disagree to that, I’ve mentioned few of the reasons in previous posts. Another reason here is that not everyone can just take the open source template to make it better, even lazy people must have the fundamental skills and knowledge to edit the codes and develop it into a better one. Without the knowledge, one can only edit the content just like when you downloaded blog template , the designer/uploader had already left some instruction in the code for the users to know where to edit and add content(example shown in picture below that I downloaded from blogskin.com)


Not only that, there’s even a tool called Kuler , is a colour wheel that can guide and help us designer to achieve the best combination for our projects’ colour mood. Is the best tool because not all of us have the talent to differenciate and combine the colours into the one we want. So why keep on spend time in experimenting colours in traditional way just to achieve what you want? If you failed to get what you want, you have to waste the paints and paper again.

FireShot Screen Capture #022 - 'Color wheel I Color schemes - Adobe Color CC' - color_adobe_com_create_color-wheel__base=2&rule=Shades&selected=0&name=My Color Theme&mode=rgb&rgbvalues=0_75,0_451463707579689

Technologies does not replace skills but instead, they need skills and also able to help improve the user’s skills.


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