8. Plagiarism

When I try to search about my topic in Google chrome using the keywords of “originality” together with “Web” or “Internet”, there are always few links that related to “Plagiarism checker” in suggestion links.

As a mentioned in my previous past posts,we are surrounded by technologies which means information just hanging around us, because of these, the originality are more at risk. Even thought originality is not an big issue here but plagiarism is.

Today generations are 24/7 with technologies. They are used to search everything using it and a habit of search first and think later have been born. That is not a big deal but digital technologies does not only provide open source information but it also make copying and pasting texts and image easy ,this is why plagiarism is easily spotted in student’s essay. This is also why citation not only to show where we got our references from but also to prove that we did not plagiarism.

Other than that, designers usually post up their works on different kind of social media to promote themselves and that’s how some of them got their job. But with this method, is kind of risky. I’ve seen a lot of unethical people or should I call them as thieves, just claim those artist’ work as theirs and sell it out. Imagine all the time and hard work spent by the artist but the thieves just take and earn without doing anything other than selling. It doesn’t matter if they got permission by the artist and credit the artist, but no, they didn’t.

To avoid this, watermarks can be added on the artworks. I’ve seen few of the artist had done this but most don’t and I was wondering why. Isn’t it safer or doesn’t want the watermark to ruin the artwork?


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