7. Dependent

To create a better and unique work, we tend to rely,refer and built our works on each other using our point of view and style. Walt Disney even shown that a single object can be turned into 4 different art style by 4 artists with their own vision and idea. Below are the screen shots of the original tree and the paintings.

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I once receive a project to create an interactive design with them theme of futuristic city. I don’t know what my classmates did but during presentation day, I found out that few of the people did something similar to mine but in different kind of aesthetic style. This is because when we think about “futuristic”, things like robot, advance technology and the difference lifestyle between rich and poor will appear in our mind.We got all these information by referencing to sci-fi genre film,comic and novel . Because of this, we tend to fixed and stick to these ideas but as you can see, even if all of us have the same element, each of us are still able to produce and create the same thing into our own story/style which ended up different kind of results.


Wimp(2015) 1958 Classic Film Visits Four Disney Artists In The Studio Jan 8. Available at: http://www.wimp.com/disneystudio/


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