5. “Steal” an old idea to built a new idea

As a designer, inspiration are the main element to motivate us to produce an outstanding work. So where do we get our inspiration from? From reference. We can’t just build out a new idea with a empty mind, we need to have something existed to give us an idea on why,what,how it should be. That is why we have to refer things around us or even on search engine since it have less limitation and gives us variety of choices.With the search engine, it makes the world smaller and easy for people around the world to exchange ideas.References might make us less creative but it does guide us on how to start instead of being stuck and struggling to “pop” out an idea. We humans impossible to know everything straight away, we need to observe and learn to gain knowledge and build out ideas.

When lecture gave us assignments’ brief, there will be few links provided as reference for us.Even when we submit our projects, we have to cite some of the links as our in Harvard reference form to make sure where we got our references and also to avoid plagiarism .

Not to mentioned that, the moment we learn from something,study through text book ,we are already consider referencing to existing knowledge .

There’s even a cultural movement called Surrealism which is based on another art movement,Dadaism . Not only that, Surrealism is mostly based on the weird scenario that seen in dream and dream is built up from the combination of what we’ve seen before. Below is an example of surrealism artwork.

The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali


“Good artist copy, great artist steal” – Picasso

The word “stealing” here doesn’t mean taking other’s properties without permission and illegally and not intend to return it back. In design world, It actually means that you ‘steal’ some elements such as images for photographer ,artistic style for painter and designer and so on, to combine and develop those elements into something better and new.

As for “copy”, it means duplicate other’s work and make it yours , which also means plagiarism in another term.

Picasso got his inspiration from other objects and artists to create few of his works.The painting below is one of Picasso work that he got inspired by African artifacts.

Les Demoiselles d’Avignon



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