6. Remixing

(…)But I think these aren’t just the components of remixing. I think these are the basic elements of all creativity. I think everything is a remix, and I think this is a better way to conceive of creativity.Kirby Ferguson

I really like when Kirby Ferguson mentioned this during his talks in TED talk. We shouldn’t mind much about originality because everything is a remix.

With the internet, we are able to gain more information, reference ,influence and also inspiration .Because of that and with today’s software , it made remixing easier for us. We can anyhow take open source images and combined together using Adobe Photoshop into something brand new.This technique is called as Photo montage and it can be seen in collage style web design.

Some might think that this is not original, lazy work, less productive and not creative because you are just taking existing images and combine it together. I do not agree with that because a creative mind is require to combine the right objects’ images(as in angels,size,lighting,colors) together in order to form an interesting image.

Internet provides most of the sources so why do you have to purposely go out to find a certain object just for their images and rather being stuck and ended up producing nothing when you couldn’t get it? This is what I called as less productive. And yes,the result is not original but to me, it is in another way because you are producing something new from combining existing one.

Below is my first web design for my project. As you can see, the small elements around the box such as the anchor and ship wheel are all taken from internet in png (transparent background) format. This helped me a lot because it is impossible for me to travel out just to capture these object’s images. That is why clients doesn’t concerned much about originality, they are more concerned on their goal same goes to users.

FireShot Screen Capture #023 - 'travel' - jourventure_com_travel_html


feel free to visit : jourventure.com 

Below is an interesting example for collage style web design.


We don’t have to purposely arrange the objects in reality and take photo of it, we could just find the objects images and arrange it in Photoshop even the realistic looks can be achieved by playing around with color,shadow and lighting in the software.


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