3. Originality challenged by Internet and technologies

Nowadays, we are surrounded by technologies which means information just hanging around us.

Whenever I face problems or want to know something or even when lecture had given me a topic for my project, I would just on my technology devices such as computer, tablet or smart phone to use the search engine to find the answers and references With such convenient, we tend to search first and think second which make us less creative since we get the ideas from others first. But it doesn’t mean that it’s bad, we are able to save our time and avoid being stuck since time are very important for designer because we have to produce a lot of works in a short time.

We human are easily influenced by the things we saw, heard and felt, we might have some ideas that we thought are new but actually is based on something we got influenced unconsciously or consciously but had forgotten. Originality got more challenged by Internet not only because of the search engine but also when it comes to social media too. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter , Tumblr and many more had became very popular among us and most of us are always on it as long there is internet connection.The amount of information posted in these social media by others are wide and it also means that we easily got influenced by a lot of different kind of information.

So, can technologies actually help us excess our limitation in information to improve our skills but sacrificing originality in the same time?


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