2. Originality is rare

After I did some research and consultation with lecture, I decided to go for Question 4. This questions have a wide range and I decide to just focus on a section that related to my work in design field .

What are your thoughts on the idea of originality is being challenged by
the internet? Do you agree or disagree that talents and skills are now being
replaced by technology? Discuss the issue using your own projects and

So, what is originality? Originality is an original work that is not received/copy/based on other’s works. Is originality and skills in designs field at a risk on vanishing now due to internet and technologies?

What I’ve observed that originality is hard to be seen now, it does exists but rare. Today, it is hard to create “The first in the world”

Unlike the past, human’s knowledge in all kind of fields such as science,technology,design and so on are still very shallow and you can easily discover anything new without digging deeper. Today,there are billions of human around the world and our knowledge had far surpassed the past and so, there are very few ideas, each are similar and it is hard to be the only one who have the brand new idea.

Such as Austin Kleon, he mentioned during TED talks that his idea on making boxes around some words and connect them to form a poem had been told by others that his works are completely unoriginal. He had been told that his idea is quite similar to Tom Philips which is years before him and when he did more research into it, he found out that this method was a 250 years old history.


Youtube(2012)Steal Like An Artist: Austin Kleon at TEDxKC. August 24 Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oww7oB9rjgw

TED Radio Hour(2014)Steven Johnson: Where does good ideas come from?. June 27 Available at: http://www.npr.org/programs/ted-radio-hour/321797073/what-is-original


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