1. The Choices

For internet cultures’ project, I’ve been given 6 questions to choose and research. The questions that caught my attention are ;

Q3. Identify and discuss how the issues of real identity and virtual identity are
a feature in science fiction films. In addition discuss the following: Are we
sacrificing privacy, self-expression, human connection, or other important
values when we engage more and more with virtual worlds?

I do realized that in sci-fi genre, virtual identity are mostly featured in it because the genre mostly about far future with advanced technologies. I’m really interest in virtual reality and want to do more research on it to understand more on why and how they are featured in it.
Other than that, do we really sacrifice more of our value in virtual world? or are we actually gain more? Some actually sacrifice their important value in reality but gain other values through virtual world.

Q4. What are your thoughts on the idea of originality is being challenged by
the internet? Do you agree or disagree that talents and skills are now being
replaced by technology? Discuss the issue using your own projects and

Nowadays,less people concerned about originality because of internet. Just typing in search engine and we are able to get contents and download any images, comics, movies and shows from internet for free.

There are a lot of designer relay on design software that can easily achieved nice and realistic traditional art style but I was wondering, does technology like these really replaced our talents/skills? because in order to achieve that style, it require new talent from users to evolve their skills on it.

For now, I am neutral for the two questions above because from what I see, it is still based on the users.

The reason I find these two questions interesting because they are the most common issues that occur on/around my daily life as a designer and a computer addiction. Because of that, I kind of experienced and observed it and this will help me a lot in this research .

I’ll be doing a quick research for these two questions so that I can choose the one that suitable for me to proceed  my further research.


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